Graeae Theatre Company, Tamasha and The Bush Theatre


by Shahid Iqbal Khan

One man’s spiritual journey is about to begin…after he’s sent this tweet

When Yasser decides to take part in itikaf, sleeping and fasting in the mosque for the last ten nights of Ramadan, he soon regrets his decision. But as he navigates smug worshippers, shared bathrooms, and recurring thoughts of chunky chips, Yasser’s isolation forces him to confront a side of himself he’s been trying to keep hidden.

A moving and funny new play by Shahid Iqbal Khan and directed by Kash Arshad, 10 Nights is the story of one man’s journey of self-discovery, and facing the consequences of your actions.

10 nights.jpeg
Yasser                                                  Rinkoo Barpara
Director                                              Kash Arshad
Designer                                            Khadija Raza
Sound Design/Composition         Sarah Sayeed
Lighting                                              Sara Burns
Assistant Director                            Lilac Yosiphon
Dramaturg                                        Oladipo Agboluaje