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Rose Bruford (Wigan) Third Year Production 

Breathing Corpses

by Laura Wade

Writer - Laura Wade

Director - Kash Arshad

Set and Costume Designer - Anna Souter

Lighting Designer. -Tracey Gibbs

Sound Designer - Eliyana Evans 

Fight/Intamacy Director - Kaitlin Howard 

Wardrobe Supervisor - Lucy Sneddon

DSM - Paul Sage

ASMs - Rae Woods and Chloe Wynn

Production Manager - Mell Bird

Set Builder - Dave Smith 


Amy - Maya Dhokia
Elaine - Naina Dhillon 
Jim - George Styman 
Ray - Pedro Reis
Kate - Naimh Brockbank 
Ben - Ryder Thompson 
Charlie - Aliyaan Asif 
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