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Beck Theatre, Hayes and Imagine Theatre


by Eric Potts 


Cinderella - Lizzie Dewar

Brittany - Bethany Alice Black

Whitney - Francesca Sim

Baroness Veruca - Sue Holderness

Prince - Nathan Connor

Dandini - Parle Patel

Buttons - Joe Pollard 

Fairy Godmother - Lucyelle Cliffe

Ensemble - Sarah Martinez, James Brice, Samantha Dench, Andre Phipps 

Cinderella Beck.webp

Writer - Eric Potts

Director - Kash Arshad

Choreographer - Ian West 

Musical Director - Shaun Critten

Lighting Designer - Matt Whale

Sound Design Kate O'Brien 

Percussion - Mike "Ozzie" Osborn 

CSM/Show caller - Sandra Szaron

ASM - Milly Drury

Production Manager - Cat James

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